Pour les amateurs de Starcraft! La compagnie Fantasy Flight va sortir ce jeu de plateau:

Which race will you fight for?

Three powerful alien races battle for control of the galaxy. Whether you choose to lead the versatile Terran, mysterious Protoss, or voracious Zerg, in Starcraft: The Board Game you’ll command an army like no other in the universe!


Once again, Fantasy Flight Games brings one of the world’s best-loved computer games to your tabletop. Players take control of the Protoss, Terran, or Zerg and battle across multiple worlds. True to the Starcraft legacy, each of the three races features a unique and distinctive play style, and the inclusion of two distinct factions for each race allows for up to six players to compete for galactic dominance at a time.

Including a total of over 180 plastic figures and dozens of unit types, Starcraft: The Board Game features an innovative modular board of varying sizes which guarantees a new experience each and every game. An exciting card driven combat system allows players to modify and upgrade their faction with a wealth of powerful technologies. Players can unleash a Zergling rush, use powerful Protoss shields to halt an enemy invasion, or even send cloaked Ghosts out to guide nuclear missiles to their target.

Starcraft: The Board Game is a game of galactic conquest for 2-6 players, playable in 3-4 hours.

* Over 180 finely-detailed plastic figures in over 25 unique sculpts!
* Three distinct races with their own unique play styles.
* Faithful adaptation of the one of the most popular science-fiction strategy computer games of all time.
* Fast-paced strategy and conflict!

Starcraft: The Board Game
SC01 $79.95
Coming September 2007

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