As this unfamiliar room shifts into focus, its function is not immediately apparent. Harsh fluorescent lights reflect off a row of metal tables, shrouding the rest of the room in darkness. Glass jars on a nearby counter contain sterile swabs and syringes. An open box of surgical tools lays ready
near the jars. The scrubbed metal floor and pristine surfaces suggest this chamber may be a medical bay or clinic. A strange metal apparatus is mounted to the ceiling. Thick wires dangle from the device like lifeless appendages, ending in circular electrodes. A strong medicinal scent permeates the chilly air. The click of heels on the cold metal tiles shatters the silence. A vaguely humanoid figure dressed in a white lab coat approaches. Her face is wreathed in shadow, but her eyes seem to glow from within. “Students, today you will duplicate a procedure of my own invention on a test subject.”

Beneath an early evening sky stained crimson and gold, a craggy island rises a thousand feet above blue-gray waters. A white, dome-shaped structure occupies most of the island’s surface. Concrete landing pads jut out from the island’s cliffs, illuminated by blinking blue and green lights. Other ships coast toward the spaceport in slow spirals.
A sprawling city of dazzling skyscrapers—laced with a grid of roadways and elevated transparent tubes containing trains—glitters across the river to the south. Visible even from this height, holo-billboards advertising a range of products in Common and Vercite flicker in the dusky light.

Within this brightly lit foyer, tall, leafy green plants grow from ceramic pots on either side of the steel doors to the southwest. The floor is covered in a thin, mint-green carpet, and the concrete walls are painted an institutional shade of off-white. A glass double door to the northeast leads to what appears to be a reception area. Two other doors flank the glass double door.

Ix dort! groupe evite piegE

IX 137818
Robert W. 120930,2
Butch 140077
Racksovik 102461
Mace Windu 144209
Rick Decard 104962

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