Le groupe réussi a se rendre dans la pieces qui contient les boss…et c’est le combat épique! Rick, IX et Racksovik se retrouvent avec des reliques!

C4. Bridge
A dais in the center of this large room supports an imposing throne-like chair with a computer console just in reach. Fivefoot- deep recesses are located to the port and starboard of the dais, and walls of holoprojectors that stretch down from the ceiling surround each. The projectors fill the
pits with three-dimensional holograms of the local space, including the Gate of Twelve Suns, the ships of the Corpse Fleet armada, and a massive cone-shaped megastructure sitting in a section of nonstandard space beyond the Gate. Three floor-to-ceiling windows show the stretch of space
in front the vessel. Rows of chains sit in front of bank of controls adjacent to the windows and most of the port and starboard walls. Curved walls cut off the port and starboard corners of the fore walls; each has a door set in it. Three more doors are spaced along the aft wall.

Le groupe pose(!) plein de question au boss!

Commander Malakar was planning some kind of mutiny!
“Oh, I know all about her plot. Honestly, I was looking forward to the struggle between her and Captain Nashal. A senior officer does need to encourage ambition in subordinates, after all. She was making real progress, too. Ironically, I was going to offer her command of her own ship
at the completion of this mission. But I suppose you put an end to all that.”

What is your mission? “To eliminate life, of course. Life is the source of all foibles, all weaknesses, and ultimately all conflict. Only the whispered perfection of undeath can be allowed to exist.”
How did you find us? “I had a tracker placed on your ship and on the ship of those Devourer buffoons. Though I imagine we would have found you sooner or later, given that you all make so much noise.”
Why run the entire ship by direct control from the
Doesn’t it make your ship vulnerable to have everything controlled by these cybernetic zombies instead of real crew members? “Would you trust ordinary ghouls to make crucial military decisions? No, of course not! This is the greatest ship in the entire Corpse Fleet, and I prefer
having it as close to being under my direct command as possible. Besides, the only way to control this ship is to destroy me and Captain Nashal, and at that point, what do I care what happens?”
Why do you talk so much during a fight? “In the end, the brief abnormality of your lives will end, and I’ll see to it that such fine specimens as yourselves are converted into potent agents of the Corpse Fleet. Under my command, of course. I find it useful to have a quick word with the fleeting flicker of life a body hasn’t released yet in order to determine what
form of undeath will best suit it in the eons that follow its last breath.”
We will defeat you! “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose here. Even if you manage to defeat us, the Corpse Fleet has more ships. More armadas. And all the time in the universe. As long as the Stellar Degenerator exists, the Corpse Fleet will seek to control it. Sooner or later, we will succeed. And then, everything dies once and for all.”

Le combat s’avère un peu difficile mais c’est quand meme la victoire.

Suite a ce combat épique le groupe prend le contrôle du vaisseau et le dirige vers la singularité pour le détruire. entre eux , des vaisseaux de la flotte cadavérique. Un crit chanceux et le premier vaisseau prend le bord.. puis c’est la destruction des mechant…et suivi par la destruction du Stellar degenerator!

Le Groupe retourne ensuite a la station Absolom ou il est reçu avec respect.

IX 119588
Robert W. 104106,2
Butch 119047
Racksovik 98255
Mace Windu 123179
Rick Decard 88852
+1 fame point a tous

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