Le groupe commence enfin a relaxer. Dans la vie, il n’y a pas seuleemnt la baston qui compte, mais il faut aussi profiter du bon temps. Ca sert a rien d’avoir de l’argent si on ne peut pas en profiter.

Apres avoir relaxé un peu le groupe se fait intercepter par filip qui leur indique que des pirates on été araisoné et qu’ils sont dans la prison. Le groupe se déplace, loot leur stock et reussissent (difficilement) a les amadouer avec de l’alcool pour qu’ils parlent. Et il racontent des choses étranges…

The miscreants grow deadly serious. Caenan relates a tale about the asteroid New Elysium now occupies. Years ago, the place was an abandoned mine. Talk around the Diaspora suggested that some corporation built a facility within the old tunnels, but most believed the rumor was false or that such a place would have heavy security. Later “chinwag” said that people “got disappeared on this rock.” A few bold pirates went to “see what’s what” over the years, but as no one who went in
came out, most pirates avoided the place. Then, about 2 decades ago, something “right bad” happened inside the asteroid. A shirren pirate named Kizkota who visited the asteroid was able to transmit a message that warned others that the place “was turned inside out” and advised them to avoid it at all costs. Of course, pirates still traveled here anyway, and those who made it out talked about ghosts in machines, living shadows, and “mates” who disappeared in the tunnels. Caenan finishes up by saying, “This place is full of hungry ghosts, mark me.”

apres cette rencontre Rick decide de fouiller sur les internet a propos de la corporation a qui appartient le Ressort.. il trouve des informations interessantes..

Filip confirm the asteroid was a mine owned by Ulrikka Clanholdings. He dismisses the rest of the story as “pirate fantasy.” After all, New Elysium has been on the asteroid for 5 years with no issues. Rick also find a hobbyist conspiracy archive called Asteroid Anecdotes that confirms portions of the story with fewer details. However, the archive identifies the asteroid by its number, D-334H, which can be traced to Ulrikka—who abandoned it in 275 ag. Also the fact that Eclipse Innovations registered ownership of the asteroid in 293 ag and sold it again 4 years later to a company called Vercara Holdings. Vercara held the asteroid until 311 ag, when Paradise Resorts bought it and began building New Elysium. And that, through a few other companies, Eclipse indirectly owns Vercara Holdings.

Finalement le groupe se met a explorer la base.. et se questionne… mais ils se préparent finalement pour le party.

Three double doors open into a long hall decked out for a classy party. Opposite the doors is a stage raised from the main floor by several steps, where a holographic chamber orchestra with a dozen members plays softly. The floor before the stage is open. To the right and left sides of the room are dining tables near sideboards, each set with a lavish buffet, beverage fountains, and ice sculptures depicting sleek animals from various worlds. There is a bar next to each buffet. Well-dressed guests eat, drink, and mingle, and a few couples dance in the open space near the stage.

Le groupe mingle un peu avec les gens, et IX va meme d’une petite danse avec une androide.

Filip says, in an amplified voice, “Dear guests, as most of you know, my name is Filip Kallsner, and I’m your host here at New Elysium.” He gestures toward his companion on the stage, saying, “This is Dr. Sidrani Lominn, who manages our spa and medical facilities. She’s my counterpart in making sure everything’s just right for you. Dr. Lominn?” Raising her voice to address the guests, Dr. Lominn says, “We’re happy to have all of you with us. We know you’ll love your stay, and we hope you’ll tell everyone you know just how much you enjoyed it. This celebration is just the beginning.”
Filip and Dr. Lominn raise their glasses. “Here’s to a blissful stay in New Elysium,” says Filip. “Please enjoy the rest of your evening!”

Bien que le party semble bien aller IX decide de faire un parfait imbecile de lui meme et se met a gueuler pour attirer l’attention sur lui. bon ca marche et il passe pour un idiot et se fait des enemis, principalement le chef de la securité… bon move.

Enfin les vacance!

IX 122993
Robert W. 105386,2
Butch 122452
Racksovik 100380
Mace Windu 126584
Rick Decard 91817

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