Le groupe prend une pause bien mérité après le success de leur derriere mission. Mais le groupe est rapidement contacté par une compagnie vacancière qui leur offres trois semaines de vacance tout frais payé. Comment peuvent ils refuser une offre du genre!

Il partent donc vers le ressort haut de gamme et en route ils interceptent un message de détresse!

“Shuttle Goal Runner to New Elysium security! We’re under attack! Request immediate assistance!”
The response is quick. “Acknowledged, Goal Runner. We’re on our way. Hang in there.”
“They’ll never get here in time, Buzzblades!” an unknown person with a gravelly voice interjects. “Give it up, and we’ll go easy on ya.” The transmission ends with laughter and hooting from what must be other ships in the area.

Des gens en danger! il faut les sauver! Le combat est rude mais le groupe dans son super vaisseau réussi a mettre en déroute les 3 vaisseaux pirate (ils en detruisent 1) et quand les vaisseaux de la sécurité de la station arrive. les pirates survivants prenent la fuite.

New Elysium’s docking area is a multiarmed facility on the side of an enormous asteroid. Above it, built into the spaceborne rock, is a sleek structure with countless windows, as well as a huge, clear dome. A computerized message plays from the comm unit.

“Welcome! Relax, and our automated docking system will guide you in. You’ll be ready to disembark shortly.” True to the message, docking takes only a few moments. A mechanical clank and a sharp hiss accompany the station’s airlock passageway linking to the ship. “You are now ready to disembark. Welcome to New Elysium, a plane unto itself among the stars, untouched by sorrow.”

Le group arrive sur la station et est accosté par une petit groupe provenant de la station.

arrivé sur la station balnéaire.

Four people stride down the corridor’s slight slope. One is a striking verthani man with black eyes, slickly styled dark hair, and an expensive-looking charcoal suit accented with violet matching the illumination on his cybernetic right arm. The other is a halfling of athletic proportions, with conventionally handsome tan skin, curly hair, and trimmed sideburns. He wears dark business attire with a subtle crimson hue. The other two people, both verthani women dressed in black microcord armor, are clearly security personnel or bodyguards. They stand back as the two suited men come closer.

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