Starfinder episode 31 : Quelqu’un qui se rend!


Le groupe, se regroupe et poursuit l’exploration. Ils entrent dans une piece et sont interpellé par un hologramme.

C5. Robot Command Terminals 
This rectangular chamber has various illuminated panels and monitors along its walls. Some show what looks like the schematics of the entire structure, while others seem to show the interior of the planet. In the latter images, squads of robots skitter along the technology-studded walls of a massive tunnel. A circular platform stands in the center of the room, projecting a hologram of a tall figure clad in white robes. The figure gestures at the various screens, seemingly attempting to direct the robots in their tasks.

il entre dans une pièce et le méchant hologramme leur dit qu’il est content de les voir et de s’approcher

“Oh, thank the First Cause! I thought I was going to be stuck with these lunatics forever. You are here to help, yes?”

Seul robert s’aperçoit qu’il ment.

ZAP! tout le monde se fait pogner par un piege sauf Robert qui etait pas entré. Ca ne dure qu’une seconde et le groupe est pas content. ils cherchent la piece  et trouve un casque. Tout le monde le veut.. et personne le veut.. c’est un peu bizarre.

Le groupe hacke le système, mais ne peuvent reelement rien faire.

Loot : sovereign helm and three kishalee batteries

Le groupe poursuit l’Exploration.

C7. Ancient Workshop  
This area is a cluster of workstations, crates filled with castoffs of kishalee technology, and piles of tools, most alien but a few similar to designs used by Pact Worlds engineers. A pair of unusual robots lie lifelessly on the main worktable near the center of the room. A double door leads out to the south.


Le groupe entre et presque immédiatement, les robots se  réveillent et se mettent a attaquer. Mais ils voient aussi un rat qui leur tire dessus! Presque immédiatement, suite a une conversation, le rat se rend et dit qu’il a été capturé par les méchants. il répond a pleins de questions.

Who are you?  : “Name’s Xix. They call me and my brother ‘degenerators,’ cuz we fix things. Well, fix ’em long enough that they can be used to break more things.” She smiles widely and becomes momentarily lost in thought, remembering things she has smashed.

Your brother? “Zaz.” She seems to be saying a name. “We used to live on Akiton before the pink-haired android found us and took us into space. He taught me everything I know about breaking things until I learned some stuff he don’t know.” She chews on her lip for a moment. “If you run into my
brother, he probably won’t be as interested in talking as I am. He’s always been stubborn. You might have to kill him.” This doesn’t appear to upset her.

Pink-haired android? Is that Null-9? “Yeah, Null-9! Silly name. She’s the one in charge of this whole operation. I don’t know about her; she doesn’t let me break all the stuff I want. Like, take this place. A dozen exploding suns would look so cool. But she says we gotta use ’em to get some kind of big weapon… from another dimension? Don’t really know, don’t really care.”

Where are your brother and Null-9 now? “They took a shuttle off this planet to look for some kind of replacement part for one of the computers here. The glowing man told ’em should be able to find one inside one of the other moon’s core facility or something. If they bring it back here, we can fix the computer, and then get that weapon Null-9’s been talking about forever.”

How many cultists are in this complex? Xix asks who they’ve encountered by now, frowning at the mention of the half-orc Sisyrus Coldblood, calling her “no fun.” She tells them who else is left in the control center, mentioning how many times she has tried to get the oblivion shade mystic Malice to teach her how to float through walls only to be stopped by her brother. She also lets the PCs know how many of the cultists left on the shuttle (which includes Null-9, Zaz, a dwarf named Deldreg the Butcher, six other cultists, three of Malice’s spawn, and a handful of modified maintenance bots).

Can you give us any help? Xix laughs directly in their faces. “You’re supposed to help me by not killing me!” elle dit aussi  “The computers here are weird, but I noticed that the code uses a bunch of shortcuts that aren’t really necessary, making it kind of easy to find loopholes.” 

Le groupe prend XiX, un nouvel allié avec eux et repartent

C8. Central Operations
The northern door of this chamber opens onto a raised platform that overlooks various panels alight and abuzz with digital activity. Screens flicker with schematics of the many pieces of technology that control the kishalee megastructure, while others show views of legions of small robots repairing
and maintaining massive mechanisms. The shadows here move strangely, seemingly having a life of their own. A circular dais occupies a second raised platform in the eastern end of the room.

ils retournent dans la pièce ou ils ont vaincus Malice et ses sbires et se mettent a tenter de hacker le système pour redonner le controle a Osteth. Cependant Eltreth (le AI mechant) lui n’a pas dit son dernier mot et c’est un combat de hacking fait par Robert (aider par le groupe) contre l’ordinateur. des tirs abusif au debut font que les choses vont bien, mais vers la fin.. ça commence a exploser.. mais c’est une réussite le Osteth reprend le contrôle de la station!

“Thank you, travelers. With Eltreth returned to his containment, the Gate of Twelve Suns is one step closer to being safe from the predations of those marauders. Now that I have access to the gate’s full sensor suite, I can
detect that some of them are still within the system. They are within the core facility of Gate 2’s controller moon, an underground facility where my colleagues could adjust the gravitational pulses emanating from the planetoid’s
center when necessary. Since my inception as an artificial intelligence, physical presences have been unnecessary in those facilities, with the exception of standard maintenance bots, of course.” Osteth’s form flickers for a moment. “It seems as though the marauders have briefly commandeered some of those
robots to help them in their quest. I am completely locked out of those bots’ programming, and it is only a matter of time before our enemies retrieve an intact control board required to repair the controls that open the Stellar Degenerator’s demiplane. You must stop them!”


“My new friends, with much time over the past few days in my confinement to think, I have come to a difficult conclusion. The Stellar Degenerator must be destroyed. Even if this Cult of the Devourer were defeated this day, there is
no guarantee the location of the Gate of Twelve Suns will stay hidden. The sivv superweapon cannot be trusted with any people, no matter how peaceful and well intentioned they might be.” She grows somber for a moment. “Though
the events happened before I was born, I heard tales of when the kishalee used the Degenerator to ‘pacify’ a terrible enemy that threatened us with obliteration, and the results convinced my people to hide the weapon away.”
Osteth’s image disappears, and the entire room is filled with a holographic display of an unknown solar system. Her voice continues. “Some were killed instantly, caught in the energy transference beam when the Stellar Degenerator turned their sun into a black dwarf.” The hologram shows a ray of light streaking in from outside of the system and hitting the sun. This tether pulses with energy, tearing apart starships and even moons in its general vicinity. “Those were the lucky ones. Within a week, temperatures across
the system dropped to below freezing, and with no sun to sustain it, plant life began to die shortly thereafter.” The sun at the center of system shrinks and grows dark. Digital displays appear near each of the system’s ten planets,
showing the decrease in temperature and light levels. “Hundreds of millions eventually starved to death or were killed in skirmishes over food.” Another numerical display shows a rising death count. “The mass of the black dwarf
wasn’t enough to keep its planets in orbit, and eventually, they started to drift outward, spinning erratically into the inky depths.” In the hologram, the orbits of the system’s frozen planets wobble, and the farthest world disappears
off the map. “A terrible way for a people to go extinct.” The lights in the chamber return to normal as Osteth reappears on her dais. “So you can see why the Stellar Degenerator must be destroyed. But to do so, we must first
open the gate.”

Apres ce speach… le groupe prend leur vaisseau et part a vers la planète!


D1. Empty Hangar Bays

Le groupe entre par le sas où est la lumiere verte.
The two areas marked D1 on the map are functionally identical. A few particles of dust swirl within this cavernous hangar bay. Its walls are made of a smooth, unknown metal without a trace of rivets or seams. A set of ship-sized doors stands opposite a smaller pair of convex doors.

Finalement, apres quelques essai, le groupe reussi a déverouiller la porte (avec un engeneering). Cependant, il ne peux y avoir que 4 personnes qui peuvent passer a la fois. Robert et XiX restent derriere.

D4. Welcoming Party 

Smooth, gray walls and bright lighting accentuate the lack of corners in this entryway with a thirty-foot-high ceiling. The chamber opens onto a larger area just opposite a set of convex elevator doors.

Le groupe est intercepté et c’est la baston!! C’est un combat pas facile, et le groupe réussi tant bien que mal a souffler un peu!

Cependant ils sont pas au bout de leurs surprise. Juste avant qu’ils puissent reprendre leurs souffles, XIX ouvre le sas derriere eux, et deux grenades venant de l’avant leurs explosent dans la figure.. XIX aide les mechants et c’est la baston!

Le combat est difficile, mais c’est la victoire!



IX 62367
Robert W. 56885,4
Butch 61826
Racksovik 41034
Mace Windu 65958
Rick Decard 54400


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