Starfinder 23 : Les fantômes et les sauts!!

Le groupe est satisfait d’avoir trouvé une porte secrète qui fait qu’ils peuvent se promener dans les passages de maintenances. il peuvent donc aller et venir et trouver toutes les portes secrètes sans se casser la tète. il entrent donc dans une salle qui va au nord et au sud. IX commence a explorer en allant voir le genre de présentoir au sud. Celui-ci s’active immédiatement, il a l’air tellement intéressant que IX commence a l’examiner plus minutieusement et tout a coup l’hologramme s’active et se jette sur lui!

The display at the end of this hallway features an official-looking room with
a podium in the center. A handful of aliens in crisp suits can be seen in
the background; some appear to be discussing the contents of a document,
while others are examining charts and figures. A couple of banners embossed
with stylized symbols flutter in a nonexistent breeze above it all.

Le groupe s’aperçoit que le l’habit holographique trouvé plus tot semble représenter un des personnages. mais bon tout le groupe se chamaille en disant que c’est pas lui qui le porte…


This portion of the hallway features animated holographic displays of manufacturing and other industrial work: a miniature version of a gas-mining
vessel scoops up clouds, an alien in a jumpsuit stands at the console of an automated production line, and another sits at a large workbench performing delicate repairs on a small technological item, his face comically distorted by a large magnifying mirror. Like those before, these displays loop every few minutes, and each display features a large touch screen.


The holographic displays in this section of the hallway depict performers and creators of various forms of art. A trio of aliens in formal costumes leap and spin gracefully on a stage, another alien sits in front of some kind of instrument
and tinkers away at the keys as if trying to perfect a melody, and a group of patrons stand in an art gallery admiring a sculpture of metal and glass. The displays repeat their animations every few minutes, and a large touch screen
stands in front of each display.

le groupe commence la soirée dans le labyrithe des fantomes

il se fait attaquer par un holograme. explorent

The holographic displays at the end of this hallway are dark but have been replaced with murals depicting aliens in solemn poses, their heads looking up toward the sky and their bodies lit from within. A small shrine in the center of the murals is covered with tiny effigies crafted from wire and metal.

The message begins with a loud burst of static, followed by a feminine voice. “…chief technology officer here at SecuriTech. Our customer service representatives received your message regarding your…” Another burst of static ensues. “…and I want to assure you that we take your security issues with the utmost seriousness. After all, you are our biggest client.” An awkward chuckle is distorted by audio artifacts. “A copy of the admin keycode for your lock—for all the locks we install—resides on a server within the Foundry. This server cannot be accessed except from its physical terminal, and only SecuriTech’s chief executive officer, a few key members of our team, and I have access to that terminal. In addition, I checked the logs this morning, and no one has accessed your file in almost a year. And that was for normal…” The message ends with a final burst of static.


partent vers le vaisseaux..

se font attaquer par des chien.. IX est maladé, vont faire un tour apres dans la clinique et IX se fait guerir

Vont vers les terres brisée.


sautent et reussissent tant bien que mal a traverser. Rick constate que l’edicice tient debout a cause d’un gros champignon.

A smooth path runs past an overgrown lawn to the entrance of this drab building. The knee-high blue-and-green grass smells sweet, like honey warming in the sun. The structure’s walls are shot through with barely perceptible white
filaments webbing across the entire surface.


attaqué par deux bibittte

Except for the carpet of pale white mold covering everything, this room appears to have been untouched for millennia. Five heavily padded chairs sit against the
western and southern walls. A bed of mushrooms grows on a large, four-foot-high, L-shaped desk across from the main entrance, next to a small cabinet. Double doors lead outside to the south, and another door leads north.


This spacious room is a wide swath of small, gray hillocks covering what might have once been a collection of desks and chairs. Two doors exit the room to the south. There is a doorway to a smaller room to the northwest, and a short hallway leads east past two other doors.

Though this room is as covered in mold as the rest of the building, the smell here is somehow even worse. A foul, rotting odor wafts from what appears to be an open unpowered refrigeration unit. Rotting cabinets, some whose doors have long ago fallen off, hang on the walls, and parts of a small, round table peek out from under a mound of mold.

Meeting Room
Most of this room is occupied by an oval table surrounded by six chairs. The dilapidated remains of audiovisual equipment lie on the table, coated in a thin film of mildew. Light filters in through a large, south-facing window covered in fibrous white tendrils.


Engineering Bay
This room contains three tables, and while mold has crept up onto most of the them, one of the tables has a large untouched patch about two feet in diameter. A roughly square hunk of metal, plastic, and crystal sits in the center of the open space, its sides covered with alien symbols and bits of circuitry. The filaments of mold covering the walls seem to be moving ever so slightly, as if a faint draft were blowing, though the air is still. A door leads out to the west, and another leads to the south.

Butch pogne un piege.

glove of storing,


C’est la qu’on est rendu.

XP : Oh la la… les enfants.. les XP… ca monte! Rick monte de niveau!


IX 29568
Robert W. 30646,2
Butch 33685
Racksovik 17453
Mace Windu 33159
Rick Decard 35825

Note du DM : Bon bon… vu qu’il y a un joueur qui chialle. Je propose ceci. Les androïde sont immunisé au poison et au maladie. Cependant, il reçoivent 50% plus de dégât électrique. Et ils doivent faire un Save contre toute attaque EMP ou être Confused pour le nombre de rounds égal au niveau de l’attaque EMP.

p,s,: Je pense qu’il n’y a pas de EMP grenade dans starfinder…


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  1. Aquilonien says:

    C’est bon. Et c’est normal que Rick monte avant les autres: il prend les plus gros risques!! 🙂 Hein Butch?!? 😉

    Je vous invite chez moi lundi le 8 de l’action de graisse!

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    Moi, cela va dépendre de Kili. On est à Burke pour faire du bike. J’ai monté avec lui. Je vais revenir à son heure. Je vous tiens au courant.

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    Je devrais être là! Ça prend tout de même trois joueurs!

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    On est de retour. Je peux être présent. Kili m’a dit qu’il serait là aussi. Mais je vais le laisser confirmer lui-même.

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