starfinder 11 : Ze drinking game!!!


On commence la soirée dans la chaude et humide foret. Comme d’habitude la temperature est a chier et le groupe souffre de la temperature trop chaude.


Vous progressez lentement vers votre but, le temps du ADAS. Vous commencer votre chemin et apercevez un mouvement dans la foret, une étrange créature semble vous guetter..


Baston! Mace maladé..

Vous continuer… tempete de pollen…


un gros lezard mechant, aveuglé par le pollen vous attaque!!!


Vous apercevez finalement le temple!

The trees thin ahead, forming a broad clearing centered on an immense stone statue of a reclining elf whose skin bears dozens of raised markings like painful welts. The figure rests on one partially buried elbow while extending its other hand toward the sky. The elf’s simple robe and hair are both sculpted of heavily weathered metal that has corroded entirely in places. Numerous crumbling outbuildings ring the clearing, where only mosses and a few stubborn, stunted trees grow.




Untold ages have reduced these buildings to low walls and buried foundations, with only a few fragmented walls standing more than four feet in height. The more complete structures have trapped millennia of sediment and runoff, forming a spongy floor of silt and moss.


B2. Scholars’ Plaza
This broad expanse forms a plaza of jumbled paving stones shifted by sinkholes and tree roots. Several large pedestals stand half-buried beneath leaves, earth, and detritus throughout the area, though any statues that once stood atop them have since eroded into little more than fragile spikes and weathered cobbles.

une etrange creature vous attaque.. Baston une fois de plus, c’est vous arrivez finalement au temple…

Sniper.. pan… mace encaisse…


Corroded pipes hang down from the ceiling above a broad basin in the center of this room. The stone walls are slick with moisture and bear carvings of tattooed elves in states of undress as they wash themselves. The domed ceiling depicts hundreds of stars connected to form scores of constellations.

rentrez dans le temple… Rick prend une douche .. attaque par les méchant une autre fois!!

B4. Hall of Inscription (CR 3)
The walls in this long gallery depict elves using needles to tattoo one another with constellations, geometric designs, and strange runic patterns. Rows of tall stone benches line either side of the hall. Carved along the ceiling are twelve stylized elven figures, heavily tattooed, adorned in different ways, and marked with starbursts on their foreheads.


Le combat est pas facile…. mais vous gagnez



P.S: la soirée est un peu confuse… le DM était pas trop en forme…. Un peu comme IX qui a levé les pattes pour aller se coucher avant le dernier combat!!

IX 7220
Robert W. 11371
Butch 11496
Racksovik 10980
Mace Windu 12620
Rick Decard 11556



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