Le groupe prend une marche vers curacava… il approche une petit village en peripheries ou ils voient des gardes mal en point. Les gardes sont méfiants et ils regardent le groupe avec suspicions et leur demandent ce qu’il veulent.

Mace en gueri un et les choses commence a aller mieux.. mais IX decide qu’il est le temps de faire une pipe a un garde.. sans sont consentement.

Les choses dégénèrent rapidement et les gardes et le village sortent les armes.. le tout se termine en boucherie…ou tous les habitants sont abattus. avant que le groupe ait le temps de comprendre ce qui est arrivé.

Deux geants des ombres arrivent et Butch se fait defoncer la geule a coups de debris (il avait été le seul a lever la main en signe de paix)

tous le groupe s’enfuit dans la ville. Ils épient les géants qui ramassent tout ce qu’il y avait de bon ainsi que 2 ou 3 corps.. surement pour les dévorers.

Suite a cet incident, le groupe se questionne et decide de partir vers le le port spatial.. Mace reussi a le voir de loin et Butch guide le groupe a travers la plaine des ombre.

pendant la nuit il se font attaquer par 4 méchants qui voulait les tuers, mais c’était sans compter l’œil vigilant de Mace.. c’est la baston

The towering structure is enveloped in layers of shimmering shadow, as if wreathed in untold volumes of smoke. A few humanoid creatures roam the streets around it in an erratic, listless patrol. From a nearby building, a small figure emerges, holding up his hands in a gesture of peace.

His glowing yellow eyes and skin the color of storm clouds are enough to mark him as a kayal. Entirely bald, he bears a number of ritual scars, tattoos, and dozens of piercings in symmetrical design across his head. The markings continue down his neck and disappear under his clothes, emerging from his sleeves to extend to the tips of his fingers. Flat studs pierce the backs of his arms in what seem to be agonizing inch-wide, bone-deep piercings, and bits of metal seem to have been forced under the nails of his left hand, giving him wicked, painful-looking claws. He’s dressed in ordinary, oil-stained mechanic’s overalls, and various tools hang from his belt. When he talks, his split tongue and chipped teeth move eerily, belying the sweetness of his voice.

“Ah, some well-armed travelers!” he says. “Praise the Midnight Lord! My name is Father Gloom, and Shadow Skydock is run by me and mine. Well, it was until recently. One of my former acolytes turned on us, infected the machines with some kind of virus, and has claimed the place for his own. It all happened so suddenly, we barely got out with our lives. Looking at you, I am sure Zon-Kuthon sent you to help us deal with our little problem. Shadow Skydock has tremendous resources, and I’m sure we can come to some agreement about what we can do for you, hm?”

le groupe se rend a la base spatiale.

baston contre merchants et victoire

The hangar floor is a wide, open space with heavy blast doors to the south. A large section of a damaged starship occupies the center of the area, surrounded by portable industrial machinery attached to generators that chug and strain. Long chains—some barbed, others ending with hooks—hang from the ceiling, some wrapped around the machines or simply dangling loosely. The mutilated remains of several people are scattered across the floor, some even draped across the starship section. Blood is everywhere, accompanied by the smell of ozone and gasoline. Doors lead into two self-contained rooms to the east and west.

Several tools have been pulled from their cabinets along the walls and are arranged on the floor in a horrific display. A halo of gore-covered drill bits lies around a handheld electric drill. An automatic hammer drips a line of blood that snakes around an unidentifiable, pulped organ. A circular saw spattered with an unidentified liquid leans against a short stack of clean saw blades. Spools of wire and other fasteners are scattered everywhere. A metal sink in one corner of the room appears to be filled with a mixture of blood and oil. A door leads west.

“Pain, she told me, can inspire prophecy, but all this one does is scream.” The sinister figure says, his voice distant and cold. “I heard her whispers in a dream. She said you’d come. She told me to violate your routine.” He shrugs out of the plastic tarp as robots standing frozen in the corners of
the room suddenly jerk back to life with spastic motion. The chains attached the former kayal engineer come alive, lifting him into the air, as blood runs down his limbs in red rivulets. He wields a nail gun in one hand and a drill in the other that begins spinning with shrill, metallic sound. “Tell me, have I ruined your day yet?”

Commentaire du DM : Un départ pathétique qui resume en – 1 200 pex par personnages innocent tués. Sans compter des informations cruciales qui ont été perdues ainsi que des alliés potentiels (et des objets). une possibilité de 30 000 pex se transforme en négatif.

Pour cette partie du module tout les joueurs perdent 12 000 pex. Cette perte de pex est brut et les experiences acquise plus tard vont combler un peu la perte. Vos actions ONT des conséquences.

Robert W.156378,2
Mace Windu188519
Rick Decard149272

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As this unfamiliar room shifts into focus, its function is not immediately apparent. Harsh fluorescent lights reflect off a row of metal tables, shrouding the rest of the room in darkness. Glass jars on a nearby counter contain sterile swabs and syringes. An open box of surgical tools lays ready
near the jars. The scrubbed metal floor and pristine surfaces suggest this chamber may be a medical bay or clinic. A strange metal apparatus is mounted to the ceiling. Thick wires dangle from the device like lifeless appendages, ending in circular electrodes. A strong medicinal scent permeates the chilly air. The click of heels on the cold metal tiles shatters the silence. A vaguely humanoid figure dressed in a white lab coat approaches. Her face is wreathed in shadow, but her eyes seem to glow from within. “Students, today you will duplicate a procedure of my own invention on a test subject.”

Beneath an early evening sky stained crimson and gold, a craggy island rises a thousand feet above blue-gray waters. A white, dome-shaped structure occupies most of the island’s surface. Concrete landing pads jut out from the island’s cliffs, illuminated by blinking blue and green lights. Other ships coast toward the spaceport in slow spirals.
A sprawling city of dazzling skyscrapers—laced with a grid of roadways and elevated transparent tubes containing trains—glitters across the river to the south. Visible even from this height, holo-billboards advertising a range of products in Common and Vercite flicker in the dusky light.

Within this brightly lit foyer, tall, leafy green plants grow from ceramic pots on either side of the steel doors to the southwest. The floor is covered in a thin, mint-green carpet, and the concrete walls are painted an institutional shade of off-white. A glass double door to the northeast leads to what appears to be a reception area. Two other doors flank the glass double door.

Ix dort! groupe evite piegE

IX 137818
Robert W. 120930,2
Butch 140077
Racksovik 102461
Mace Windu 144209
Rick Decard 104962

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Cool air blows through this dimly lit room. Banks of computer nodes behind rounded transparent doors occupy most of the chamber. Several lights in the eastern part of the room flicker on, revealing an alcove that contains Filip hanging limply from several sets of chains. He is shirtless and patches of skin have been expertly and bloodlessly peeled from his body.

“Oh, I see you, dark lady,” says Filip, bloody tears rolling down his cheeks in something akin to ecstasy. “Your embrace awaits.” His eyes close, and he gasps. His bones crack, breaking like twigs as his body folds in on itself. He disappears into a whispering mote of shadow that vanishes with a sigh.

“If it isn’t the troublemakers!” says Kane Zaphol, lurching forward. Symmetrical, bloody gashes line his cheeks and forehead. His eyes are glossy black and surrounded with gray veins. His armor is damaged and dotted with gore. He makes a sweeping motion with both hands, one of which holds a grenade. “Where do you think you’re going?”

IX 136538
Robert W. 118626,2
Butch 137197
Racksovik 101885
Mace Windu 141329
Rick Decard 102082

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“Surely you’ve noticed the others acting strangely the past few days. Perhaps you have felt odd compulsions. If you haven’t, you should take a look at this.” The message cuts to a vidfeed showing the Painted Forest Playroom, where security specialists skirmish with guests, many of them
with odd wounds, terrifying grins on their faces, and tears of blood streaming down their cheeks. Silent alarms flash in the background and text scrolls across the bottom of the feed that reads, ‘Alert: unauthorized weapon discharge.’ The message shows similar incidents occurring in the Hall of Splendors and Green Fields. Romi returns. “There’s some kind of… signal coming up from the abandoned mines beneath the resort, and it is
disturbing people’s minds. Indigo-13 and I are heading down there to investigate, but we need your help. If you avoid the main rooms, you probably won’t run into any trouble. We’ve shut off the fan and opened the door. Please follow.” The communication ends abruptly.

Rhissona Avran raises her gaze from a small, bloody orb in her palm. One of her eyes is a gory socket with optic fiber dangling from it, and the other is wide and glossy black. Her face seems to ripple between pale verthani skin and dark green scales. She cries out, “It’s… it’s on the inside! Is it… inside you? Can… can I see it? I must see it!”

“I am sorry. So sorry. We… we ran across some unusual life-forms. Oozes. Highly aggressive. Indigo-13 is dead. I am trapped. I… I do not believe I will be alive when you arrive. Please, for my Indi, stop whatever is happening here. You must go deeper! Please.” A weapon discharge punctuates the end of the communication.

This room is a zone of devastation. White polycarbon plating has been twisted from the stone walls underneath, metal support pillars are buckled, and other structural elements are bent completely out of shape. Everything bends toward a point in the far end of the room. There, amid a blackened, spherical hollow, is an enormous pile of crushed and warped structural material, furniture, machinery, and a security door alongside blackened humanoid bones. Several skulls of various species stare outward, their mouths open as if silently screaming. Frost covers this pile and the concavity around it. Debris made of crumbled material is thick around the heap. Atop the pile, perhaps five feet from the ceiling and clutched in an upraised skeletal hand, is a tiny device like a personal comm unit with a single blinking light.

IX 130388
Robert W. 113706,2
Butch 131047
Racksovik 100655
Mace Windu 135179
Rick Decard 100852

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Le groupe décide que c’est le temps de relaxer et prend une bière devant une piscine quand une des membre des Buzblade decide de s’en prendre a eux. Robert (son chum) ne comprend pas grand choses… rapidement la femme est mise hors d’état de nuire. Et par un grand miracle, elle ne se fait pas tuer. Presque une premiere.

Le lendemain de cet évènement, le Dr Lomlin, contacte le groupe pour leur dire qu’un évènement étrange est arrivé et qu’ils pourraient d’être d’un grand coup de main vu qu’ils sont des aventuriez agueri. elle les rencontre dans la piece “Boundless sunroom” puis elle les fait emmènent vers les ascenseur ou ils voient un genre de gros papillons sur le sol. Il a été visiblement abattu par les gardes. Le groupe réussi a trouver des traces de poussière argent qui semblent venir des ailes du papillon. il suivent ses traces et vont dans un conduit d’aeration. Ce conduit mene dans une étrange grotte ou ils voient le cadavre de Cthesa. le groupe s’approche et est attaqué par le papillon ainsi que 3 larves qui sortent du corp de Cthesa. C’est la baston!

suite a la bataille, le groupe inspecte les videos de la nuit ou Cthesa a disparu pour voir que la syreen est sortie de sa chambre pour aller dans la
Boundless sunroom. quand la porte s’est ouverte, elle s’est retournée comme si elle avait vu un grand ami et elle est disparue dans l’ombre, ou le groupe a suspecté qu’elle s’est fait tuer.

IX 121988
Robert W. 106986,2
Butch 122647
Racksovik 98975
Mace Windu 126779
Rick Decard 92452

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Le groupe réussi a se rendre dans la pieces qui contient les boss…et c’est le combat épique! Rick, IX et Racksovik se retrouvent avec des reliques!

C4. Bridge
A dais in the center of this large room supports an imposing throne-like chair with a computer console just in reach. Fivefoot- deep recesses are located to the port and starboard of the dais, and walls of holoprojectors that stretch down from the ceiling surround each. The projectors fill the
pits with three-dimensional holograms of the local space, including the Gate of Twelve Suns, the ships of the Corpse Fleet armada, and a massive cone-shaped megastructure sitting in a section of nonstandard space beyond the Gate. Three floor-to-ceiling windows show the stretch of space
in front the vessel. Rows of chains sit in front of bank of controls adjacent to the windows and most of the port and starboard walls. Curved walls cut off the port and starboard corners of the fore walls; each has a door set in it. Three more doors are spaced along the aft wall.

Le groupe pose(!) plein de question au boss!

Commander Malakar was planning some kind of mutiny!
“Oh, I know all about her plot. Honestly, I was looking forward to the struggle between her and Captain Nashal. A senior officer does need to encourage ambition in subordinates, after all. She was making real progress, too. Ironically, I was going to offer her command of her own ship
at the completion of this mission. But I suppose you put an end to all that.”

What is your mission? “To eliminate life, of course. Life is the source of all foibles, all weaknesses, and ultimately all conflict. Only the whispered perfection of undeath can be allowed to exist.”
How did you find us? “I had a tracker placed on your ship and on the ship of those Devourer buffoons. Though I imagine we would have found you sooner or later, given that you all make so much noise.”
Why run the entire ship by direct control from the
Doesn’t it make your ship vulnerable to have everything controlled by these cybernetic zombies instead of real crew members? “Would you trust ordinary ghouls to make crucial military decisions? No, of course not! This is the greatest ship in the entire Corpse Fleet, and I prefer
having it as close to being under my direct command as possible. Besides, the only way to control this ship is to destroy me and Captain Nashal, and at that point, what do I care what happens?”
Why do you talk so much during a fight? “In the end, the brief abnormality of your lives will end, and I’ll see to it that such fine specimens as yourselves are converted into potent agents of the Corpse Fleet. Under my command, of course. I find it useful to have a quick word with the fleeting flicker of life a body hasn’t released yet in order to determine what
form of undeath will best suit it in the eons that follow its last breath.”
We will defeat you! “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose here. Even if you manage to defeat us, the Corpse Fleet has more ships. More armadas. And all the time in the universe. As long as the Stellar Degenerator exists, the Corpse Fleet will seek to control it. Sooner or later, we will succeed. And then, everything dies once and for all.”

Le combat s’avère un peu difficile mais c’est quand meme la victoire.

Suite a ce combat épique le groupe prend le contrôle du vaisseau et le dirige vers la singularité pour le détruire. entre eux , des vaisseaux de la flotte cadavérique. Un crit chanceux et le premier vaisseau prend le bord.. puis c’est la destruction des mechant…et suivi par la destruction du Stellar degenerator!

Le Groupe retourne ensuite a la station Absolom ou il est reçu avec respect.

IX 119588
Robert W. 104106,2
Butch 119047
Racksovik 98255
Mace Windu 123179
Rick Decard 88852
+1 fame point a tous

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Le groupe commence enfin a relaxer. Dans la vie, il n’y a pas seuleemnt la baston qui compte, mais il faut aussi profiter du bon temps. Ca sert a rien d’avoir de l’argent si on ne peut pas en profiter.

Apres avoir relaxé un peu le groupe se fait intercepter par filip qui leur indique que des pirates on été araisoné et qu’ils sont dans la prison. Le groupe se déplace, loot leur stock et reussissent (difficilement) a les amadouer avec de l’alcool pour qu’ils parlent. Et il racontent des choses étranges…

The miscreants grow deadly serious. Caenan relates a tale about the asteroid New Elysium now occupies. Years ago, the place was an abandoned mine. Talk around the Diaspora suggested that some corporation built a facility within the old tunnels, but most believed the rumor was false or that such a place would have heavy security. Later “chinwag” said that people “got disappeared on this rock.” A few bold pirates went to “see what’s what” over the years, but as no one who went in
came out, most pirates avoided the place. Then, about 2 decades ago, something “right bad” happened inside the asteroid. A shirren pirate named Kizkota who visited the asteroid was able to transmit a message that warned others that the place “was turned inside out” and advised them to avoid it at all costs. Of course, pirates still traveled here anyway, and those who made it out talked about ghosts in machines, living shadows, and “mates” who disappeared in the tunnels. Caenan finishes up by saying, “This place is full of hungry ghosts, mark me.”

apres cette rencontre Rick decide de fouiller sur les internet a propos de la corporation a qui appartient le Ressort.. il trouve des informations interessantes..

Filip confirm the asteroid was a mine owned by Ulrikka Clanholdings. He dismisses the rest of the story as “pirate fantasy.” After all, New Elysium has been on the asteroid for 5 years with no issues. Rick also find a hobbyist conspiracy archive called Asteroid Anecdotes that confirms portions of the story with fewer details. However, the archive identifies the asteroid by its number, D-334H, which can be traced to Ulrikka—who abandoned it in 275 ag. Also the fact that Eclipse Innovations registered ownership of the asteroid in 293 ag and sold it again 4 years later to a company called Vercara Holdings. Vercara held the asteroid until 311 ag, when Paradise Resorts bought it and began building New Elysium. And that, through a few other companies, Eclipse indirectly owns Vercara Holdings.

Finalement le groupe se met a explorer la base.. et se questionne… mais ils se préparent finalement pour le party.

Three double doors open into a long hall decked out for a classy party. Opposite the doors is a stage raised from the main floor by several steps, where a holographic chamber orchestra with a dozen members plays softly. The floor before the stage is open. To the right and left sides of the room are dining tables near sideboards, each set with a lavish buffet, beverage fountains, and ice sculptures depicting sleek animals from various worlds. There is a bar next to each buffet. Well-dressed guests eat, drink, and mingle, and a few couples dance in the open space near the stage.

Le groupe mingle un peu avec les gens, et IX va meme d’une petite danse avec une androide.

Filip says, in an amplified voice, “Dear guests, as most of you know, my name is Filip Kallsner, and I’m your host here at New Elysium.” He gestures toward his companion on the stage, saying, “This is Dr. Sidrani Lominn, who manages our spa and medical facilities. She’s my counterpart in making sure everything’s just right for you. Dr. Lominn?” Raising her voice to address the guests, Dr. Lominn says, “We’re happy to have all of you with us. We know you’ll love your stay, and we hope you’ll tell everyone you know just how much you enjoyed it. This celebration is just the beginning.”
Filip and Dr. Lominn raise their glasses. “Here’s to a blissful stay in New Elysium,” says Filip. “Please enjoy the rest of your evening!”

Bien que le party semble bien aller IX decide de faire un parfait imbecile de lui meme et se met a gueuler pour attirer l’attention sur lui. bon ca marche et il passe pour un idiot et se fait des enemis, principalement le chef de la securité… bon move.

Enfin les vacance!

IX 122993
Robert W. 105386,2
Butch 122452
Racksovik 100380
Mace Windu 126584
Rick Decard 91817

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Le groupe prend une pause bien mérité après le success de leur derriere mission. Mais le groupe est rapidement contacté par une compagnie vacancière qui leur offres trois semaines de vacance tout frais payé. Comment peuvent ils refuser une offre du genre!

Il partent donc vers le ressort haut de gamme et en route ils interceptent un message de détresse!

“Shuttle Goal Runner to New Elysium security! We’re under attack! Request immediate assistance!”
The response is quick. “Acknowledged, Goal Runner. We’re on our way. Hang in there.”
“They’ll never get here in time, Buzzblades!” an unknown person with a gravelly voice interjects. “Give it up, and we’ll go easy on ya.” The transmission ends with laughter and hooting from what must be other ships in the area.

Des gens en danger! il faut les sauver! Le combat est rude mais le groupe dans son super vaisseau réussi a mettre en déroute les 3 vaisseaux pirate (ils en detruisent 1) et quand les vaisseaux de la sécurité de la station arrive. les pirates survivants prenent la fuite.

New Elysium’s docking area is a multiarmed facility on the side of an enormous asteroid. Above it, built into the spaceborne rock, is a sleek structure with countless windows, as well as a huge, clear dome. A computerized message plays from the comm unit.

“Welcome! Relax, and our automated docking system will guide you in. You’ll be ready to disembark shortly.” True to the message, docking takes only a few moments. A mechanical clank and a sharp hiss accompany the station’s airlock passageway linking to the ship. “You are now ready to disembark. Welcome to New Elysium, a plane unto itself among the stars, untouched by sorrow.”

Le group arrive sur la station et est accosté par une petit groupe provenant de la station.

arrivé sur la station balnéaire.

Four people stride down the corridor’s slight slope. One is a striking verthani man with black eyes, slickly styled dark hair, and an expensive-looking charcoal suit accented with violet matching the illumination on his cybernetic right arm. The other is a halfling of athletic proportions, with conventionally handsome tan skin, curly hair, and trimmed sideburns. He wears dark business attire with a subtle crimson hue. The other two people, both verthani women dressed in black microcord armor, are clearly security personnel or bodyguards. They stand back as the two suited men come closer.

Le groupe recoit de leur nouveaux amis, des felicitation chaleureuse des buzblade et de Fillop (aka mugatu) ainsi que 5 000 credit chacun.

“One reason you’ve all been invited to our little resort is to be the first to experience an upgrade to our amenities,” says Filip. “We have maximized guest comfort by way of software integration. Our Keys to Elysium app is your personal concierge, putting everything we offer at your command with a touch or a word. Here.” Using his datapad, Filip calls up a 3-D icon shaped like a silver key and flicks it.

Filip smiles. “There. Now, anything you want here at the resort is as close as your comm unit. Your free stay is predicated on you using the app and allowing it to send us relevant data. You can also use it to send us feedback in real time and, if you like, anonymously. We’re sure you’ll love it. You can give the virtual personality any name you wish and it will respond, though it defaults to ‘Keys.’ The app is voiceactivated, so simply ask for whatever you need, like so. “Keys, please allow our guests to choose their rooms.”
The program chimes pleasantly. “Yes, Filip,” responds a cheerful, androgynous voice.

des que le groupe se retrouve dans leurs chambres. Rick ne perd pas de temps et hack le systeme informatique. il reussi a avoir toutes les informations sur les personnes importante du Ressort. Ca s’annonce bien.

IX 120868
Robert W. 105130,2
Butch 120327
Racksovik 98511
Mace Windu 124459
Rick Decard 90132

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Avec Messenger pour l’instant, le blog sera assez tranquille! 🙂

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Un boardgame chez Kili?

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